Monday, February 23, 2009

Exclusive furniture - exclusive ideas

Everyone knows that there is work (painting, sculpture) created by the master himself, but there rastirazhirovannye copy or industrially produced a series of products based on designs. The value of copyright works is substantially higher, even copies of the master's own hand, though less appreciated by the original, but are significantly more expensive than copies of the same picture, but performed by other artists.

A similar situation in the world of furniture. Works by designers, especially with the well-known name, experts valued higher and more expensive than furniture series, released at the factory. Exclusive furniture distinguishes' own handwriting, which recognized the work of a designer, even if he moves from one company to another.

Sometimes the shape, design or color combination in exclusive furniture affect its originality, sometimes - Remakes are famous products of previous years or other designers, but done in new ways, in their own style. For example, Eileen Gray, a recognized classic modern design, in 1922 introduced the public at an exhibition of French art in Amsterdam Two tea-table. Model inspire the architects of the Dutch group de Stijl, which was the beginning of the century promoted new forms of modern architecture. The table is called DE STIJL, became the classic model of constructivist furniture. It took time, and young designers working in the same company, at present, Remakes make it work.

Known Baker, founded in 1923, Hollis Baker, too, has its own style: it produces exclusive furniture, reproducing antique furniture designs. The idea of founding the company had Baker during his travels in search of specimens for the museum's research collection of furniture. That is its exhibits, and the basis for the creation of furniture reproductions of past eras.

But unlike antique furniture from Baker created using the latest technology, so durable and does not require a very careful treatment during the operation. Currently, the company took a leading place in the production of high quality classical furniture, which is highly regarded among fans of respectability. That rich people choose furniture that can assess the quality of the material from which produced furniture and the beauty of its forms.

Thus, samples of furniture, created by single or small series, is not only high quality, originality of form and decoration, but also recognizable style. Buying a custom furniture, you will enrich your home finds creative talents of designers and interior - an unusual, high-quality and convenient custom furniture.

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